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History has proven our reputation for best-in-class Total Station and GNSS antennas. But, it has been our innovative field software that has unlocked the intelligence needed to push productivity to the next level.

Leica iCON site

It’s where all the sensors and controllers seamlessly integrate into an intelligent solution.

  • Easy one person operation
  • Create 3D maps in the field
  • Easily produce topo's or DTM’s
  • Stake-out and scope control
  • Spread out balanced site evaluation
  • Accurate and flexible volume calculations independent of shape or size
  • Stake-out designs
  • Perform grade checks
  • Cut & fill measurements
  • Volume calculations of stockpile or pit
  • Apply compaction factor in relation to your material
  • Balance out cut & fill for optimized material and machine usage
  • Monitor ongoing progress
  • View cross sections
  • Verify cut & fill easily
  • Collect as-built data for documentation and verification
  • and more...

Leica iCON build

The close brother to Leica iCON site, Leica iCON build with features focused on building construction related activities.

With its ability to share many of the features of Leica iCON site, Leica iCON build is already a powerful package, yet it adds a another level with its sketch feature. It simplifies complex multi-story building layout data into an easy-to-read graphical interface. The object-driven sketch functionality, based on IFC data, lets you fix or update plans in the field to reflect true situations.


One-person layout and stake-out applications for control lines, formwork, and utilities, are just a few tasks this powerhouse of accuracy can perform. Whether you perform MEP activity, or need to provide 3D control for graders, dozers, or paving machines, it's the best investment you'll ever make.



The flexibility of our powerful GNSS Rover allows it to easily jump between tasks without any big setups. Check into control, verify grade and surfaces, and perform volume calculations of stockpile or pit. Or, easily measure cut & fill, stake-out, and scope control. With its ability to move about the construction site easily, it makes the perfect partner to perform tasks quickly without interrupting other activities.



From automatic to digital, our award-winning levels are unquestionably one of the most accurate ones in the industry. They do not disappoint with their rugged dependable design. We also considered the user-experience by optimizing ergonomics for such things as control knobs; making measuring tasks less tiring.


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