With an increase in competitive bidding, highway construction costs are being forced to decrease. This requires profitibility through efficiency, which is what our paving system is engineered to do.
In conjunction with our world-wide user community, our engineers have developed the most innovative and robust 3D paving system to date. It optimizes job site logistics, and ensures safety, all while delivering exceptional productivity.


Our complete 3D paving system handles anything from asphalt, concrete, curb & gutter, as well as milling.


With our 3D technology, installation and maintenance of stringlines, hubs, and stakes are no longer required - saving time and money.

Low light and night-time operations are now a lot safer and simpler.

With the ability to execute based on 3D data from practically any CAD system, the reduction in errors and rework is amazing.


Our roller technology, with innovative visualization, allows for the easiest and most straight-forward operator experience out there.


Easily import layered files with pass count and speed targets for efficient and consistent results.

Assure on-target compaction results, avoid over or under, and avoid costly rework.

Perform job reporting for quality control and payment release with ease, due to our simplified process

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