a partnership empowered by data

Discover how Archer United JV ramped up the third largest paving project in South Carolina’s history.

The Partnership

With more than 120 years of combined experience, Archer Western and United Infrastructure Group joined forces to become Archer United JV, taking on the third largest highway project in South Carolina’s history. Both leaders in construction, their combined expertise enable them to take on this $271 million project to widen a 16.9 mile section of I-26 from U.S. 64 in Hendersonville to Brevard Road in Asheville while replacing seven bridges along the I-26 travel corridor. As with all collaborations, being able to effectively communicate is the key to success and Archer United JV is not any different. Being able to streamline a vast amount of data while staying transparent and synchronized is what allowed this partnership to flourish despite an aggressive timeline.
Doug Browning

Survey Manager

Larkin wyatt

Assistant Superintendent

Stephen Bridges

Technology Advisor Construction Laser Inc.

Areas of interest

Overcoming the complexities of a large highway project, when time is of the essence

Quality control

Making sure work is performed as-designed during the construction process is key to the success of any project. Finding the right solutions that allow you to validate work without taking up valuable time or making your process unnecessarily complicated is powerful. Leica Geosystems offers some of the most innovative solutions in the field today.

project monitoring

Increase productivity and stay on budget with production monitoring and equipment tracking. Knowing what is going on in the field, how work is being performed, and at what rate and efficiency is the key to running your project successfully. Our solutions will help you avoid unnecessary work and rework, allow your equipment to be utilized more efficiently, and help you gain insights that can help you grow your business.

data management

Optimize your workflow by connecting the field to the office. Our solutions ensure that your iron is working off of the latest design files and all team members are truly synched, avoiding miscommunication, gaining real-time updates from the field, and providing full transparency to everyone involved. Keep your project on track while avoiding costly mistakes.

Connect your office to the field with CONx

It is easy to lose sight of things in the field with a multitude of activities happening at the same time. By connecting your field solutions with in-office applications, activities can be on your radar before they can become an issue, avoiding costly mistakes and inefficient field activities.
unleash your motor grader
Integrating with Leica ConX enables easy data transfer between office and machines, remote communication, fleet management and earthmoving productivity analysis. The performance and efficiency gains are next level.
The ultimate control for your excavator
Whether you are slope grading to blind and submerged cuts, and everything in between, our versatile machine control solutions provide your excavator operators with design models right in the cab, ensuring your work is done to spec.
the most efficient way to move dirt
Tackle any task from small road jobs to large scale highways and more. Our dozer solution makes your operators not only highly proficient with its ease-of-use, but also extremely efficient. With design files loaded on the controller, the operator gets a clear view of the task at hand.
Whether you are staking-out points and lines for housing pads, roadways, crossroads, or have to as-built manholes, pipes, finished road surfaces, measure cut and fill or need to perform volume calculations, the Leica iCON gps 70 T with its game-changing tilt feature makes those tasks a breeze.

the most reliable
construction robot out there

Even in the most congested sites, the Leica iCON iCR80 can overcome many distractions. With the most robust automated-aiming, lock and re-lock technology, reflections, machines, and people moving around no longer pose as obstacles – keeping you up and running longer, and increasing your bottom line. Layout tasks become the easiest part of your day.