From start to finish we offer a comprehensive set of solutions that will help you increase the bottom line at every stage of the construction process. Whether it is intelligent software, off or on-machine technology, individual tools or a complete solution set, we are geared to help provide what is right for you.
& Design

Information is power, and our solutions will provide plenty of it. It will not only help you easily capture the required data, but also understand and visualize it in order to make informed decisions.


Documenting the current state of an entire site would be a time-consuming task with traditional methods. But flying your site with a UAV can cut down on the time it takes and the manpower to do so.


Leica helps bring design to reality with a smart tool that not only allows you to build 3D models for full comprehension, but also the ability to intelligently manage the execution.
& planning

Getting it right at this stage will mean the difference between failure or success. Our industry-leading solutions will set you up for success with their integrated smart tools. Dirt simple to use, learning how to leverage its power in your next project will be a cake walk.


Starting with accurate data can lead to better decisions, and with Leica’s precision tools, you can be confident in the next steps you take.

Take Off

Through our digital ecosystem, you will gain full comprehension of the material you’re working with, allowing for accurate takeoffs and confident bidding.


Our solutions are engineered to help you truly understand your site and help you make informed decisions when it comes to cost and logistics. You’ll have access to tools to help you negotiate materials leading to better bidding.


Project management is no easy task when there are so many tasks that come into play. With Leica, you can ensure efficient task management by giving transparency to every member on the project.


Bidding has never been simpler with Leica’s tools. Our easy, yet powerful software can help create winning bids with accuracy you can depend on before and after you win.
Jobsite Preparation

Getting all your ducks in a row can often be a daunting process, but with our software and hardware solutions, that process becomes fully integrated and easy to stay on top of. Designed to pull all the necessary parts of the workflow together, your project will be off to a project-defining start.


Having the right information in hand can yield tremendous cost savings. Knowing exactly where utilities lie before breaking dirt can avoid downtime and serious repercussions. With our smart solutions, you will have intelligent information in your hands that will set up your project for success.


Knowing what is going on in the field, how work is being performed, and at what rate and efficiency is the key to running your project successfully. Our solutions will help you avoid unnecessary work and rework, allow your equipment to be utilized more efficiently, and help you gain insights that can help you grow your business.


Our easy-to-use solutions will help you gain tremendous speeds and accuracy getting you to a final product much faster than thought possible. Our solutions are not only engineered to make the operator’s lives much easier, but also help them deliver work much faster and more accurate than before.

Modeling & Data

Our industry leading solutions allow you to easily take as-built data and transform it into a powerful and actionable model that allows your team to gain full understanding of the project. Behind these solutions and their powerful capabilities lies the thoughtful delivery of an easy-to-use user-experience.

With a comprehensive solutions basket, Leica Geosystems delivers not only a powerful ecosystem but more importunately an easy-to-use solution that is flexible enough to accommodate any type of equipment and open enough to play well with others. Engineered to not only empower novice team members but also to accommodate experienced ones.


No matter the challenges in the field we offer a wide spectrum of solutions that can efficiently capture existing conditions from the sky and on the ground.


Optimize your workflow by connecting the field to the office. With real-time updates from the field, you gain full transparency over the life of your project – avoiding costly rework and helping you stay on schedule.


Making sure work is performed as-designed during the construction process is key to the success of any project. Finding the right solutions that allow you to validate work without taking up valuable time or making your process unnecessarily complicated is powerful. Leica Geosystems offers some of the most innovative solutions in the field today.


Moving large amounts of dirt quickly is not only dependent on powerful machinery, but perhaps more importantly on moving that dirt intelligently, drastically improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Making sure excavation is performed accurately and efficiently doesn’t have to be hard work. With Leica Geosystems easy-to-use excavator solutions, even a novice can perform at speeds and accuracy as a seasoned veteran. Put control in your hands and explore our excavator solutions for yourself.


Making sure you are on grade can be a slow process of continuous check and go that often isn’t an exact science. With Leica Geosystems’ powerful tools staying on grade is a breeze. Seeing the digital terrain model right in front of you and having the control panel telling you whether you are on grade and in the correct position can empower the most novice of operators. In the end, having to move the dirt the least amount of time marks the success of all profitable projects.


Getting your site on final grade can be challenging. Getting it right in a short period of time can seem impossible. With a Leica Geosystems machine control panel in your cockpit you have direct access to the digital terrain model giving you complete confidence that you got it right the first time around.


With a few simple clicks our solutions will help you provide detailed and comprehensive deliverables and eliminate the time spent on creating those deliverables.
& Maintain

Leica Geosystems delivers solutions that make this part of the process much easier with its automation and user-friendly approach to operation and setup. Our solutions are created to be as invisible as possible but can be noticed when issues do arise.


Not all situations are the same, therefore having a solution that is flexible and user-friendly will allow you to easily adapt it to any condition. Leica Geosystems’ myriad of options allows you to do just that.


Even the most well-built project has a shelf life. Our solutions will help you keep an eye out for early warnings in real-time with utmost precision.


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