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The Versatile Leica iCON Site
Field Software

Whether you need to stakeout utilities, perform back-of-curb offsets, define a radius point, determine the volume of a stockpile, check grade, or as-built a retention pond, the Leica iCON site field software allows you to do all that yourself and more with a few simple steps.

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Performing typical stakeout tasks or even more complex ones can now be easily performed by your team without having to contract out the job. With Leica iCON site's streamlined interface, stakeout tasks have become an easy job to take on, saving a lot of time and money. With the system's built-in automation and integrated tolerance checks, it becomes easy for even inexperienced users to take on almost any stakeout task and complete it with the peace of mind that the job is done well.
Capturing existing conditions is key to a successful project. Whether you need to measure existing conditions before you start the job, delivering a more accurate estimate, or you need to check the accuracy of the job performed, the Leica iCON field software makes all the tasks easy to perform. This new field software was created to allow any of your field crew to easily go out and quickly get an invert of a pipe or measure points of a retention pond, without getting bogged down by a complicated interface.
Grade Check
The iCON site Foreman solution gives you instant real-time access to project statistics in the field, allowing you to make better informed decisions quicker than ever before. Instantly increase site productivity by checking the efficiency of your machines and site personnel with an easy-to-use in-cab display and make checks on whether your project is on time and on specification. Installing the system on a vehicle enables fast surface checks, especially over large areas. With the cloud connectivity of Leica ConX you can share your data instantly and remotely with site personnel and machine operators.
Volume Calculation
We all know that every inch of dirt counts, and knowing exactly how much volume a stockpile has is key to avoid wasteful construction practices, adding to your bottom line. The Leica iCON field software makes it easy for you to assess whether the volume of the stockpile that was delivered is correct, or whether you need to request more dirt to get your project to grade.
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