Mixed Fleet

We understand that in the real world the solutions you use can be a mix of different iron and technologies, being able to have them all play well together makes a world of a difference. No matter the iron you run or the current GPS technology you own, Leica Geosystems easily works with and integrates into with any setup you are running.



Leica’s Gecosystems’ technology is engineered to handle various standard file formats, making it easy to integrate with a wide variety of machine control brands. This allows for you to easily add Leica Geosystems technology to your current setup if you are running a Non-Leica brand, or if you are running Leica Geosystems, it will be easy to work well with other contractors who don’t.



One of the major advantages of the Leica Geosystems’ machine control solution is its modularity, allowing you to grow your capabilities one component at a time. This helps in growing your capabilities as your projects grow maintaining a healthy manageable budget.



As global organization with over 200 years of experience, we have learned a thing or two about what works best for our customers. This knowledge has allowed us to innovate the construction industry, continuously delivering leading technologies that help transform construction. With our wide range of options we have you covered, no matter the need.