The next generation of safety awareness solutions


With over 150,000+ construction injuries a year, Leica Geosystems’ real-time safety solution aims to mitigate incidences to your crews in one easy to use package.

The safety awareness solution consists of an in-cab alert and real-time indication system as well as a personal device worn on a crew member


PA80 Integrates the personal alert solution with MC1 machine control. The machine operator receives visual and audible warnings directly on the in-cabin display. Pedestrians with a PA10 tag can trigger a panic alert that will notify the machine operators or vehicle drivers with PA10 or PA80 within the 50 m range. Integration into MC1 allows for less hardware in the cabin and one point of focus which will increase the operator’s overview of the construction site.

Personal Device

Leica PA10 combines a tag worn by personnel moving around on foot that can communicate with all machines and vehicles on a heavy construction site. The solution provides three configurable alert distances around the machine or vehicle and gives audio, visual and vibratory feedback to the pedestrian as well as visual and audible feedback to the machine operator operator or driver with the goal of creating awareness and a safer working environment.