Getting to That next level

Join RV Associates, a forty-year-old construction company, in their journey to adapt to an ever-growing competitive market, eventually tripling their productivity within a year of implementing new technology.


As a well-established family-owned construction company, RV Associates has witnessed a significant change in the dirt moving business. Leveraging technology to transform their workflow, RV Associates has been able to not only increase their productivity but also take on significantly larger site work and utility projects without having to increase their workforce. Implementing solutions such as ConX has allowed them to connect their job site to the office, increasing efficiency and transparency. Also, with the use of on-machine and off-machine solutions, RV Associates has been able to drastically increase their productivity in the field.
Rob Lumsden

Vice President

Dan Wolfard

Operations Manager

David Wolfard


Grow your Crew’s output with the right tools

Transform your crew’s capacity for productivity and accuracy. Selecting the right tools that fit your workflow and project can have you see significant increases in overall productivity gain with your existing crew.

Field and Office

Connecting field and office with ConX, allows for real-time datasharing.

Quality Control

Stay on top of your project with tolerance reports of deviations with respect to a design surface.

Grade Checking

Monitor your grade in the field instantly, validate against design files and guide crew members efficiently.

Stakeless operation

By eliminating the need for staking, larger projects become a reality, dramatically increasing a crew’s productivity.


Take survey tasks into your own hands with easy-to-use Leica Geosystems field solutions.

Connect your office to the field with CONx

It is easy to lose sight of things in the field with a multitude of activities happening at the same time. By connecting your field solutions with in-office applications, activities can be on your radar before they can become an issue, avoiding costly mistakes and inefficient field activities.
Whether you are checking grade or need a basestation
Having a GNSS antenna that can be a versatile road warrior under any conditions is invaluable.

Putting you in control with survey positioning

Whether you are staking-out points, validating designs, checking grade, or performing an as-built of roadways, crossroads, or utilities, the Leica iCON CC70/CC80 versatile tablet PC’s are the perfect companion for your GNSS, or robotic total station, making any task a breeze.